Lozenge R&D

Research & Development

Major challenge of our development strategy

In order to boost businesses’ growth and improve their performances, Lozenge has made innovation a key aspect of its development strategy.

In 2009, Lozenge Company therefore set up its own research and development center: FINANCETERE.

The Group aims to offer its clients solutions that can be adapted to different environments to optimize their information system.

In the face of the many constraints inherent to IS, namely their complexity, version upgrades, regulatory but also competitive pressure, Lozenge R&D provides specialized know-how in terms of tools, methods and training related to information systems.

Driven by synergy between Lozenge consultants’ expertise, Lozenge R&D has developed a global solution, its Lozenge Task Scheduler (LTS) comprising two distinct tools.

Lozenge Test Tool Kit
    LTT (Lozenge Test Toolkit), enabling :

  • Unit testing.
  • Operational acceptance testing.
  • Non-regression testing.
Lozenge Risk Tool Kit
    LRT (LozengeRiskToolkit), for evaluating current and potential financial and market risks highlighting the following indicators :

  • PFE (Potential Future Exposure).
  • The Stress Test, designed to estimate the company’s capital.
  • Value at Risk (VaR) calculation.
  • A reduction calculation (Reserves or Provisions for market data).

Distribution of 2017 activity

  • R&D : 10%
  • Financial engineering : 15%
  • Project development : 30%
  • Project design : 45%

Proposed training

Financetere : Certified Training Center

Capitalizing on Lozenge consultants’ expertise, the Group also provides training courses in the following sectors :

Lozenge trainings

We provide tailored training courses to meet the specific needs expressed by our clients.

Our partners

  • EADS
  • Al Ain (United Arab Emirates)
  • PSA
  • BNP Paribas FORTIS
  • Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne
  • Société Générale