Group History
Alliance of technology and financial intelligence at the service of your decision

Launch of LOZENGE Company

Professionals in finance at your service since 2007

LOZENGE Company was launched in 2007 by finance sector professionals with significant knowledge in :

  • Market finance
  • IT
  • Information systems

Developed in Finistère, Brittany, our headquarters is based in Quimper.

In order to boost businesses’ growth and improve their performances, we have made innovation the key aspect of our development strategy.


Research & Development Group since 2009

FINANCETERE, the LOZENGE Group’s Research and Development Center was established in 2009. Capitalizing on the expertise of the Group’s consultants, FINANCETERE develops its own :

  • Tools
  • Methods
  • Training courses

Given this ambition to be at the height of innovation, we strive to continuously optimize our clients’ day-to-day operation.

FINANCETERE has benefited from the Jeune Entreprise Innovante (young innovative company) status since 2012.

International Development

  • Tél. +33 (0)6 76 94 39 24
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