Market Finance Consulting

Interventions for International Companies

Lozenge Company provides highly specialized know-how and expertise on the integration, migration and maintenance in operational condition of complex, global information systems. Furthermore, our independence from software providers ensures our objectivity in the choice of the best solution to meet your needs.

Corporate and Banking Information
Systems Department

We work in business analysis and system design
within information systems departments

Some examples of missions carried out

  • Murex
  • Tradix
  • Calypso
  • Kondor + / KTP
  • Adapter (tool linking Kondor + and KTP)
  • Summit
  • Market data validation
  • Pricer optimization
  • MTM production industrialization
  • Greeks
  • Drafting of internal front office guidelines and procedures with SUMMIT
  • Business continuity planning / business resumption planning and documentation
  • Implementation of several annual tests with team dispatch to disaster recovery site

Corporate and Banking Business Line Departments

We provide Consultancy Services for Business Line management Teams

Some examples of missions carried out

  • Mapping of operational risks
  • Valuation models
  • Market data
  • Target architecture of product control functions
  • Securitization due diligence
  • Shadow banking financing
  • Opportunity study for a new front office activity
  • Optimization of collateralization management
  • Definition of target business processes
  • Guiding change and training
  • Setting up comitology

Corporate and Banking Treasury

We work with Front Office, Middle Office and Accounting departments

Some examples of missions carried out

  • Development of front office, middle office and back office tools
  • Cross-functional applications
  • Definition of reporting for front office, middle office, back office
  • Accounting requirements
  • Reporting for treasury and subsidiaries
  • Compliance
  • Impact study
  • Rating
  • risk management (VaR, counterparty, liquidity ratio, operational risk)
  • Implementation of new IAS/IFRS standards
  • Deployment of regulatory tools