Corporate Social Responsibility

Apply ethical standards, respect for the principles of operation, ensure transparency and better communication

Our group has a social responsibility to which we are committed on a daily basis by adopting a responsible attitude towards our associates, our clients and our environment. We also express our gratitude to the community through :

  • numerous projects and initiatives. We are convinced that corporate responsibility can greatly contribute to the success of every business.
  • Our team dynamics are built on the sharing of knowledge gained individually through training or in the field :
    • to develop our skills,
    • to ensure a truly collaborative process,
    • to encourage our associates to write articles and publications on our activities.

Consistent with this approach, LOZENGE Company created its own Research and Development Center and has benefited from the Jeune Entreprise Innovante (young innovative company) status since 2012.

As regards our HR management policy, we are supported by SYNTEC, our administrative supervision organization.

To attract and keep top talent, the Lozenge Group offers tailored training and works with renowned French graduate schools.

    We hold training courses through various partnerships with prestigious schools and participate in their research projects :

  • Euro Institut d’Actuariat (EURIA, Brest).
  • Telecom Bretagne (ENSTB).
  • Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (IAE, Brest).

Other associates are also involved in more specialized internal or external training. We have internal regulations which set out our health & safety and disciplinary rules. A section is dedicated to a code of conduct with clients, which not only requires compliance with their internal regulations but also with the rule of good conduct demanded by our profession and by our social, responsible approach regarding sustainable development.